Pro-Migrant Ad Funded and Produced by the UN seeks to Destroy US Borders

Pro-Migrant Ad Funded and Produced by the UN seeks to Destroy US Borders

A new video released by the United Nations revealed the organization’s true goal for immigrants and it’s not good. Their program, “Together,” was aimed at changing the way western nations perceive immigration in hopes that they then ship all of the fleeing refugees from developing and war-torn countries into more developed nations like the United States.

According to the United Nation’s website, the program will be “a global campaign that aims to change negative perceptions and attitudes toward refugees and migrants, and to strengthen the social contract between host countries and communities, and refugees and migrants.”

In short, the organization wants us to accept the large influx of immigrants coming from these countries into our borders, and to do so with a smile on our faces and our wallets open.

See the propaganda video below:

This tax-payer funded program relies on our resources to make life more comfortable for immigrants who come here with nothing and expect everything. The video is pure propaganda and ignores what the citizens of these developed nations really care about: safety and controlling our borders.

There is no more generous nation in the world — and there never has been — than the United States of America, and its citizens rightly welcome those refugees who need assistance and want to come to America to better their lives, contribute to the nation and assimilate into its culture. But that hardly describes all refugees — if it did, propaganda like this U.N. video wouldn’t be necessary.

President Donald Trump has stood up against open borders, and it is unlikely he will be keen on participating in this scheme that would endanger national sovereignty and security.

The liberal globalists of the United Nations who put together this “Together” program are banking on the idea that the liberal agenda will prevail over the very real threat some immigrants pose to our country. Anyone who stands up to this will be labelled a hater, but that is not the case. It is actually a reaction base on love — a love for our country and the founding principles that made it so great that an untold number of people want to move here.

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