Priest in Hot Water After Dressing Nativity’s Mary in Burqa


The Christmas season is one in which people try to promote tolerance and unity and the message that Jesus Christ was sent to this world to redeem us all.

However, some people take the whole idea of “unity” a little too far, like a priest in Italy who did something to a Nativity scene that had locals absolutely furious, the U.K. Express reported.

Rev. Franco Corbo, the priest at St. Anne’s Church in Potenza, reportedly created a Nativity scene in which Mary was wearing a burqa and the other figures were wearing traditional “Muslim clothing,” never mind that some serious time travel would have been required to place anything Islamic at the scene of Christ’s birth.

While people have been outraged over this act of blasphemy, the priest has defended his actions by claiming he did so to break down the walls between cultures.

Nativity Scene full

“Just think about the wall built by Israel to keep Palestinians locked in true enclaves,” he explained. “It’s my desire to remind people that religion can and should be an instrument of dialogue.”

“All other faiths and ethnicities have been destroyed or reduced to misery by the selfishness of Western society,” he also claimed.

While promoting tolerance is all well and good, desecrating a manger scene just to prove a point is utterly ridiculous. How do you think Muslims would feel if someone tried to hang a cross on a mosque to promote inclusiveness?

The priest who did this clearly doesn’t know that some of the more radical elements of Islam would love to see all Christians eradicated from this earth. Somehow I don’t think that dressing up Mary in a burqa will change their minds.

Respecting other cultures is fine, but doing so at the expense of your own culture is despicable. This priest needs to get a serious talking-to about what he should and should not be doing to promote peace in this world.

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