Press Trashes Trump over WH Easter Tradition… Then Learn Obama Did It Too

Press Trashes Trump over WH Easter Tradition Then Learn Obama Did It Too

One of the more humorous aspects of the liberal media’s incessant desire to attack President Donald Trump for virtually anything is when they jump on him for something that his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, did as well.

Take for example the recent pile-on of Trump by the media over — of all things they could complain about — gold-painted wooden Easter eggs, according to the Independent Journal Review.

The nonpartisan White House Historical Association, in preparation for the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn, announced via Twitter the sale of commemorative wooden eggs that were painted in several pastel colors, as well as gold, and featured a stamp of the White House on one side and the signatures of Trump and first lady Melania Trump on the reverse.

The pile-on began when the White House correspondent for The New York Times, Julie Davis, linked to a tweet featuring just the gold eggs and announced via Twitter, “Forget those silly pastel/rainbow colors of White House Easter Egg Rolls past; Trump’s Easter eggs will be GOLD.”

While it is well known that Trump enjoys the color gold, a quick check of the WHHA website or Twitter feed would have revealed that the pastel eggs were still very much for sale along with the slightly more expensive gold-hued ones.

To her credit, Davis realized her error after about 15 minutes and issued a tweet correcting herself, but the damage of her initial “fake news” tweet had already been done.

According to Twitchy, it didn’t take long before several other supposed journalists jumped on the bandwagon and sent out snide tweets attacking the president over his golden eggs, without first checking the veracity of the claim. Here are a few examples, featuring reporters for Politico, the AV Club and The Associated Press:

An editor for Bloomberg somehow felt the need to disparage the first lady over her stamped signature on the eggs.

Even a former staffer from the Obama administration joined in and slammed the president for selling golden eggs for Easter, which will seem laughably ironic in just a moment.

Except, as countless commenters on the slew of tweets pointed out, as did the Washington Examiner, it was Obama who had featured golden White House eggs for Easter as recently as, oh, 2016. Not really that long ago. These reporters, along with the former Obama staffer, should have remembered.

Davis eventually issued a full retraction of her initial attack on Trump, tweeting, “Appears my memory of Easter Egg Rolls past was wrong. Seems Obamas had a golden egg too — not a Trump innovation.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it took an American reporter working for the BBC to send out a tweet setting the record straight for all others with a tweet that read, “Before people get too bent out of shape about the gold White House Easter Egg, they had a gold one for sale last year, too.”

This collection of tweets is prime evidence of why the mainstream media as a whole are increasingly being referred to as “fake news,” as their liberal bias and outright hatred toward Trump seemingly prevent them from doing something as simple as a basic fact check before running with a story critical of Trump.

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