Pregnant Daughter Brings Ultrasound Appointment to Dying Mom’s Bedside. Tech Utters Four Words…


One of the most highly anticipated moments during a woman’s pregnancy is finding out if her baby is a boy or girl. Some even choose to have the baby’s sex be a surprise at birth.

Whether a mother finds out during pregnancy or once the baby is born, the experience is one that she will never forget. There are plenty of adorable and fun ways that parents announce the news to their family and friends.

This story does not portray the typical situation in which a mother learns of the sex of her baby. There are no colored balloons or specially filled cupcakes.

This bittersweet reveal has touched the lives of many. In this case, the joy of the anticipated birth of a new life was met with the grief of the anticipated death of the expectant mother’s own mom.

Taylor Masilotti moved up her anatomy scan when she realized how weak her mother,  Donna Callender, was becoming. Callender was in the hospital for stage IV lung and brain cancer.

Masilotti wanted her mother to be with her for the big ultrasound. Unfortunately, Callender’s condition would not allow her to go to the appointment.

Instead, Masilotti was able to schedule the exciting reveal in her mother’s hospital room! The mother and daughter lay down next to each other, holding hands in the hospital bed.

Masilotti’s boyfriend, Cotey Keith, knew this moment would be treasured forever, so he recorded the moment that the baby’s sex was revealed along with the beautiful picture of a mother and daughter side-by-side.

They lay next to each other, simultaneously experiencing the high and low moments that life brings. The ultrasound tech pointed out different parts of the baby’s anatomy.

Everyone marveled at the baby’s eyes, hands, and umbilical cord. Of course, they were all waiting to hear if this baby was a little boy or girl.

“Are you ready?” said the ultrasound tech said. “You have a daughter.”

Then comes the moment that has left viewers in tears as they watch a terminally ill mother gently congratulating her own daughter on the news. Three generations of women were present in the room on that special day.

Three days after Callender learned that she would have a granddaughter, she passed away. Masilotti reflected on the special memory she shared with her mother on the day of the anatomy scan.

She wrote, “Wednesday afternoon was one of my forever favorite memories I got to share with my mom. I got to lay next to her, hold her hand and cry happy tears while we found out the gender of the baby. I can’t thank the hospital enough for allowing this to happen.”

One of Masilotti’s last days with her mother was filled with joy. She looks forward to showing her daughter the video of the moment that they found out she would be a girl while telling stories of what an incredible woman Callender was.

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