Porta-Potty Company Baffled as Company Name Taped Over on Each Unit for Inauguration

Porta-Potty Company Baffled as Company Name Taped Over on Each Unit for Inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump is bringing some big changes to our nation’s corrupt capital, but one of the first adjustments that he’s indirectly involved in is actually a cover-up.

According to the New York Post, the people in charge of planning the inauguration decided to go with a company called Don’s Johns to provide the port-a-potties for the inaugural celebration. However, sources say they didn’t want any confusion to arise over the naming of the portable toilets, so they began taping over the name.

The company, needless to say, was not pleased.

“We’re proud to have our name on the units, and we’re planning to take the tape off of our logos,” said Robert Weghorst, COO for Don’s Johns. “We didn’t know who was doing it.”

dons-johnsI smell a cover-up… or the results of a lunch gone bad at that Thai buffet over in Adams Morgan.

While the Post hypothesized that it was due to the possibility of Trump being offended, WTTG-TV reported that the actual reason was restrictions on advertising at the Capitol.

Staff determined that signs for Gene’s Johns — a competitor that also is providing portable toilets for the inauguration — ‘can be easily peeled off,’ the spokesman said in an email. The Don’s Johns logos cannot be removed easily ‘and are being covered with tape,’” WTTG reported.

The denizens of Twitter, needless to say, went crazy over the story, with several making disgusting and unfortunate references to the contents of the probably-fake dossier on Trump.

However, one that we can print, from the Wall Street Journal’s Michael Saul, may have been the best: “Attention Mr. President-elect: Don’s Johns prides itself on being #1 in the #2 business.”

One hopes that sanity might prevail here. While advertising at the Capitol is banned for good reason, I don’t think too many of the people who are going to be viewing the inauguration in the D.C. area are looking to buy themselves a fleet of chemical toilets.

And if they are, I think that Don’s Johns has managed to get itself more publicity with this story than its name emblazoned on the front of a smelly plastic commode could ever accomplish.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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