Pope Francis Says Building Walls Is Un-Christian; Just ONE Problem…

Pope Francis Says Building Walls Is Un-Christian Just ONE Problem


And he’s not the only one. V. Saxena reports that President Barack Obama has reportedly begun constructing a brick wall around the rental home in Washington, D.C., where he intends to reside after leaving office.

This revelation was uncovered by TMZ, whose undercover reporters snapped photos of construction workers on the property setting up a brick wall.

Take a look:


TMZ claims the entire home “appears to be [getting] an enhanced security system”: “According to construction permits, obtained by TMZ, the work includes installation of fencing, utilities and a cat walk over an existing staircase. ”

Before continuing further, I believe it necessary for us to review the definition of the word hypocrite:


Time for an example: A hypocrite is someone like Barack Hussein Obama who admonishes others for wanting to build a border wall because doing so would be racist — but then turns around and builds what is essentially a border wall around his own home.

Any questions?

Luckily for Obama, he has plenty of company as a bonafide hypocrite. Take, for instance, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a staunch supporter of illegal immigration who has spent at least $16 million of his company’s money during the past five years “on private air travel and other aspect’s of [his] ‘overall security program,’” as reported by Quartz.

Even more telling is what he did to one of his properties.



The guy built a 6-foot-tall wall along the perimeter of his beachfront property in Hawaii, despite the fact that the wall reportedly obscured the panorama view for locals:

Retiree Moku Crain said the wall looks daunting and forbidding. Crain hopes and expects Zuckerberg will soften the wall’s look by planting foliage around it.

‘Whereas before when we drove along the road we could see the ocean and see through the property, it’s closing off that view,’ Crain said.

Both Obama and Zuckerberg live in another universe, ladies and gentlemen — one where consistency of thought and action apparently mean absolutely nothing.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org