Politico Writer Fired After Stating Trump Would Have Sex with Daughter


Following word that future first lady Melania Trump would be staying in New York City until son Barron finished the current school year, it was suggested that daughter Ivanka Trump would join her father, President-elect Donald Trump, in the White House to sort of fill in as “first lady” until Melania arrives.

In response to that news, a now-former writer for Politico, Julia Ioffe, tweeted out an astonishingly obscene and suggestive post publicly wondering whether Trump was having a sexual relationship with his daughter, according to The Daily Caller.

Ioffe tweeted, then shortly thereafter deleted and apologized for, a post which read: “Either Trump is f***ing his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?”

Ioffe, who was slated to leave Politico shortly for a position with The Atlantic beginning in January, had her transition schedule accelerated, as Politico promptly cut ties with her, “effective immediately,” per a strongly worded statement from the media outlet’s leadership.

“This tweet is completely unacceptable and is an obvious violation of POLITICO standards,” a source with the outlet told The Daily Caller. “Julia Ioffe is no longer with the publication.”

New York Magazine also reported on Ioffe’s highly offensive and “ill-advised” tweet, including as well her follow-up posts retracting and apologizing for the initial crudely worded remark.

As for The Atlantic, though, they didn’t seem to mind Ioffe’s comments as much, releasing a statement of their own accepting her apology and expressing confidence that she would have no problems fitting in with the standards they maintain for their own stable of journalists.

While what Ioffe said was truly disgusting, it unfortunately is not the first time such suggestions have been made, as liberals and Trump-haters have routinely sought to cast Trump in a bad light by portraying him as a womanizing misogynist who would go after his own daughter.

It seems unlikely that Ioffe’s early termination from Politico will teach her any lessons about being a real journalist and not an opinionated pundit, as she already has another, arguably better position already lined up for her.

At least Politico seems to be making an effort, though, so there is that.

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