Politician’s Photo Op Backfires When Immigrant Tells Reporters He’s Going to Break Law Again

Politicians Photo Op Backfires When Immigrant Tells Reporters Hes Going to Break Law Again

A photo op with a group of deported Mexican nationals backfired on Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto when one illegal immigrant included said that he would be attempting to return to America illegally and nothing would stop him.

According to Breitbart, Peña Nieto held the event Wednesday at Mexico City International Airport, where he conspicuously welcomed 135 Mexican citizens who had been deported by U.S. authorities.

The event was not only a subtle rebuke to the Trump administration but also an opportunity for Peña Nieto to tout his business policies, which he said would help the deported individuals.

“You are not alone, do not feel abandoned,” Peña Nieto said. “The doors to this, your house, will always be open.”

“Today there has been the creation of jobs not seen before and there is productive investment,” he added.

Officials with the Mexican government also touted policies that would give the deportees tax credits worth roughly $1,200 to start their own business.

Pedro Vasquez, one of the illegal immigrants featured in the photo op, wasn’t so convinced. He told reporters at the event that he would be heading back to the U.S. no matter what, according to Mexico News Daily.

According to Vasquez, he had been in the country illegally for 20 years until he was caught driving with no license and no insurance on Dec. 12.

“In no more than 15 days I’ll go back,” Vasquez said. “It won’t be difficult, even if there’s a wall.”

Vasquez intimated he was making about $16 an hour — not bad pay, when you consider the fact that it was mostly tax-free. He added that he would be paying a human smuggler $4,500 to get back into the country.

Here’s the video, for those of you who paid attention in Spanish class:

Another deported migrant had an equally negative view of what President Peña Nieto was saying.

“The Mexican consulates in the United States do not do anything for us, they are sending massive airplanes and sending a lot of people,” the deportee said. “I do not think its fair. No one is there to help on that side nor on this side, we have to do something for our people.”

Boy, that worked well, didn’t it? Good job, President Peña Nieto!

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