This Politically Incorrect Joke About Illegals Will INFURIATE Dems…

This Politically Incorrect Joke About Illegals Will INFURIATE Dems

Robert Gehl reports the so-called “truth-tellers” at PolitiFact have come up with another doozy.

They’re attempting to claim that being an illegal alien is not a crime.

What they’re doing is splitting hairs down to the molecular level in support of this leftist claim.

Our friend at Hot Air call it “linguistic gymnastics” and they’re not too far off.

Here’s their argument:

While it is illegal to unlawfully enter the country, it’s not technically illegal to simply be here.

It is against the law, but it’s technically a “civil violation,” so it’s not technically a crime.

So when PolitiFact was writing a “Truth-O-Meter” on a Catholic bishop’s claim that “Unlawful presence is not a crime, they claimed it was “Mostly True.”

Unlawful presence is neither a felony nor a misdemeanor, said Ilya Shapiro, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the libertarian Cato Institute. It is a civil infraction that results in removal and a bar on re-entry for a certain period of time.

“Not everything that’s illegal — meaning against the law or violating the law — is a crime,” Shapiro said. “There are civil violations, like when you get a parking ticket. ‘Unlawful presence’ is one of these. You don’t go to jail or receive any other criminal punishment for being in the country illegally — you get deported.”

Of course, even they were forced to admit that if you’re here illegally, that means you must have come here illegally. So if entering the country illegally is a crime, that makes all the people who are here illegally “criminals” by definition, right? Of course.

But since physically being in the United States is not a crime, they rated the claim “mostly true.”

Here’s how they summed it up:

It is generally accurate that the simple act of being in the United States illegally is not, by itself, a crime. Rather, it’s a civil violation that puts the individual at risk for deportation, but not for criminal prosecution. However, it’s worth noting that someone who is unlawfully present might still have committed a related crime by entering the United States after having been deported, for instance, or entering in an illegal manner.

Of course, it’s important to point out, as the Daily Wire did, that if you’re here illegally, the odds are about 100 percent that you’re going to have to commit a crime to simply exist here. If you want to work, or rent an apartment, or pretty much anything, you’re going to need to commit a crime of failure to pay taxes, or having forged documents, or falsely filling out a government form.

It’s a bizarre and disingenuous way of pretending that the millions of illegal aliens here are not criminals – since they’re not committing a crime right now.

Don’t fall for it.

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