Political Insider Shows How FBI Is Rigged [WATCH]


In a video published late Sunday on Facebook, longtime political insider and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris explained why FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that he was again clearing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of all charges was not in the least bit surprising.

According to Morris, the decision had to do with the influence of Peter J. Kadzik, the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs at the Department of Justice.

“This guy is a total Clinton operative, and his role from the beginning was to rig the FBI investigation — and he succeeded,” Morris argued, pointing to Kadzik’s lengthy history with Clinton’s presidential campaign chair, John Podesta.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Kadzik was a university pal of Podesta, who attended Georgetown Law School in the 1970s. Moreover, emails published by WikiLeaks in early November showed that Kadzik routinely leaked information to Podesta about the investigation into Clinton, thus functioning as an effective mole for the Democrat nominee.

But it only gets worse …

“Kadzik represented Podesta during the Monica Lewinsky investigation,” reported The Daily Caller. “And in the waning days of the Bill Clinton administration, Kadzik lobbied Podesta on behalf of Marc Rich, the fugitive who Bill Clinton controversially pardoned on his last day in office.”

In 2008, Podesta recommended Kadzik for a job in the Obama Justice Department. At the time, he wrote that that Kadzik “kept me out of jail” in the 1990s, much like Kadzik apparently intervened on behalf of Hillary Clinton this time around.

What else would explain Comey suddenly dropping the investigation into Clinton only days after the FBI discovered 650,000 emails on electronic devices owned by Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin and her husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner? Certainly not reviewing 650,000 emails in a week’s time.

“Do the math,” Morris said. “That’s one second per email … it’s ludicrous … nobody could possibly believe that that’s what went on.”

Exactly. The FBI investigation was clearly rigged, and the man behind the rigging was most likely Peter J. Kadzik.

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