Political Expert Claims Nancy Pelosi Is Senile

Political Expert Claims Nancy Pelosi Is Senile

The mental health and well-being of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has long been open to question, though it was often assumed that her seemingly insane remarks were more attributable to lack of intelligence or unshakable devotion to ideology in the face of reality, rather than any sort of mental health issue.

However, the San Francisco Democrat has had a plethora of misstatements and odd episodes in the past several months, more so than usual, which compelled even a former Democrat insider to now publicly question her state of mind.

Dick Morris, a longtime political consultant who served as an adviser in former President Bill Clinton’s administration and helped him get re-elected in 1996, recently posted a video surmising that Pelosi may be suffering from a developing case of senility, which is the loss of cognitive abilities as one ages. Pelosi will turn 77 on March 26.

“Is Nancy Pelosi senile?” Morris asked in a video he posted to his website. “When you look at her statements over the past couple of months, you’re driven to the conclusion that she really has begun to lose it.

“She constantly confuses the name of the president, she recently gave a whole thing denouncing Bush when in fact she was planning to denounce Trump,” Morris said with a chuckle. “She’s missing her cues, saying stuff that’s confused and sort of garbage.”

“When you read the text of her remarks, you wonder what’s the matter with her,” he continued. “Now there are some people on whom senility is an improvement, and in the case with Nancy Pelosi, I think that might be the case.

“But really, this woman is losing it, and the Democrat Party should not entrust their fortunes to a new-kid-on-the-block like (Senate Minority Leader) Chuck Schumer and a senile old lady like Nancy Pelosi. That’s free advice to the party,” he concluded.

You can watch Dick Morris take on Nancy Pelosi here:

Whether Pelosi is actually senile or not is outside of both our pay grade and expertise, nor is it our place to attempt to make a medical diagnoses on her mental state.

That said, the already bizarre woman has taken her bizarre behavior to a whole new level since President Donald Trump was elected, which has led to this analysis from a former Democrat insider who knows the political players well.

Should the Democrat Party wish to recover from the monumental losses they have suffered over the past eight years, over which Pelosi proudly presided, they would be wise to leave her at home in San Francisco after the next election, or just remove her from the leadership position she has held with an iron fist since the early 2000s.

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Source: conservativetribune.com