Police “Overwhelmed” After Finding 87-Year-Old Mom Covered in Feces… Daughter “Too Tired” to Help Her


There are a lot of horrific crimes that are committed all the time, but some of the most sickening and disturbing ones are the crimes that are committed by family members against each other.

Theresa Smothers, 87, died an absolutely horrific death after her own daughter, Judy Ann Smothers, 65, was too lazy to take care of her and left her in utterly disgusting conditions, according to KFVS.

A Missouri hospice worker found the mother in her bed with the sheet pulled over her. She was covered in feces and urine. She was also naked and covered with bed sores, according to the report.

The police were soon called, and were quite sickened by what they saw.

“When I got down there she was incoherent. I made an inspection of her sores; he had quite a few bruises, sores that were weeping, closed sores from the exposure to the fecal matter and the urine,” Lt. Andrew Cleveland explained.

The Southeast Missourian reported that the daughter stated she was simply too tired to take care of her mother — as if that somehow justified what she did.

The elder Smothers died two days after she was found, KCTV reported. An autopsy found that she died of “malnourishment, neglect and dehydration,” and her death was ruled a homicide.

This was an utterly horrific act. Unfortunately the government wasn’t able to intervene in time to save this woman. Perhaps if private services like churches and local charities had checked on her more frequently, she could have been saved.

Unfortunately the government tends to crowd these services out, and as a result we are left with only one real option — and a pretty poor one at that.

Hopefully the younger Smothers will be jailed for a long time for what she did to her own mother.

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