Police Officer Throws Down Teen And Beats Her After She Failed To Comply


A massive brawl broke out among dozens of people in southwest Philadelphia Monday afternoon, leading to at least one young woman being arrested and a female police officer being placed on administrative leave.

According to WCAU, the incident took place around 3:30 in the afternoon and involved upwards of 30 people fighting in the middle of the street.

Police arrived and began to break up the brawl, but one 16-year-old girl appeared to take exception to the action of the police and found herself in a confrontation with a female officer that quickly escalated.

Video of the incident was posted to Instagram and showed the two pushing and shoving and slapping at each other for a moment before the camera panned away.

However, the camera quickly panned back and captured the moment when the officer slung the woman down to the ground, mounted her in a straddle position and proceeded to rain down a barrage of punches on the young woman.

According to Fox News, the officer has since been removed from street duty and placed on administrative leave pending the completion of an internal affairs investigation of the matter.

The young woman, who admitted that she had slapped the officer during the altercation, was arrested and will be recommended to the district attorney to be charged with assault of an officer and disorderly conduct.

You can watch the altercation here (WARNING: graphic violence and language):

If we do something wrong we are all over the news. What makes this cop so different? No matter the circumstances this was unnecessary. #nbc10 #abc6 #cbs3 #fox29 @fox29philly @nbcphiladelphia @nbc10morningteam @6abcactionnews @cbs_philly @philadelphiapolice215 @philadelphiapolice #policebrutality

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One witness to the brawl, Tameeka Bundy, told WCAU that the young woman was actually trying to help break up the brawl at first but began throwing punches when the police arrived. She also reported that her mother had passed away just a couple of weeks ago.

“I just feel like she didn’t deserve it,” Bundy stated through tears. “She lost her mom. She don’t got nobody and I feel she was there for me and look where she’s at.”

“She’s 16 years old,” Bundy added. “I don’t think she deserves that. The cop shouldn’t have done that. That lady was like 30-something.”

It remained to be seen what may come from this incident, but hopefully the two participants will be dealt with justly and the community will accept whatever “justice” is served.

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Source: conservativetribune.com