Police Officer Tells Illegal Aliens In His Town That They Will Not Enforce Immigration Laws… They Will Be Safe

Police Officer Tells Illegal Aliens In His Town That They Will Not Enforce Immigration Laws They Will Be Safe

Breaking the law? Come to Fort Worth, Texas!

That’s the message that Fort Worth police officer Daniel Segura shared in a nearly 6-minute Facebook video on Thursday morning. Sitting in his patrol car, he took time out of his busy day to reassure illegal aliens in Fort Worth that they have nothing to fear from the law, according to TheBlaze.

In fact, Officer Segura wants them to know that they will be protected from the consequences of breaking the law.

Speaking entirely in Spanish, Community Service Officer Segura made it eminently clear which community he serves.

“In the City of Fort Worth for many, many years, we have not enforced immigration laws. We are not federal officials that can enforce federal immigration laws. I want to make that very, very clear,” Segura said. “If you are the victim of a crime, we don’t care about your immigration status. You have the same rights as anyone else who lives in Fort Worth. We are going to defend you. We are going to protect you.”

“We, in Fort Worth, do not execute or enforce laws on immigration so that people that live in Fort Worth do not have the fear that we can possibly deport them. That is not true,” Segura added.

Here’s the video:

The reaction from the Fort Worth Police Department was sure and swift.

“The Fort Worth Police Department enforces all laws and protects all its citizens and is not a sanctuary city. The video was not intended to represent the views of the City of Fort Worth on immigration or compliance with immigration policies,” the Department said in a statement released Friday, according to NBC News.

Officer Segura will not be subject to disciplinary action related to the video, the department told KDFW.

This is revolting. Every officer vows to uphold the law, and this man, who works for the taxpayers, proudly wants the world to know that he doesn’t. He is a disgrace to dedicated uniformed officers everywhere.

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Source: conservativetribune.com