Police Officer Alan Horujko Eliminated Ohio State Attacker In Under 2 Minutes


Eleven people were injured and a suspect killed during a possible terrorist attack Monday at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, according to USA Today. The Somali-born student, identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan was shot dead by campus police after running a car into a crowd of pedestrians and then getting out to attack them with a butcher knife.

According to the BBC, Artan was apparently a refugee living in the United States as a permanent resident. The FBI was investigating the incident.

While most of the attention has been on Artan and his motives, we oughtn’t forget someone else just as important: Officer Alan Horujko, the 28-year-old campus policeman who shot and killed Artan before he could continue his rampage any further.

Horujko’s bravery and quickness was being lauded by university authorities, including the university president.

According to CNN, Ohio State University President Michael Drake called Horujko “to thank him for following his training and being able to neutralize the circumstances within roughly one minute.”

“We owe him a debt of gratitude,” Monica Moll, director of Ohio State’s public safety, told CNN. “He did a fabulous job today.”

The Daily Caller reported that Horjuko first radioed at 9:52 a.m that the suspect had driven his car into a group of student near OSU’s Watts Hall. Then, he radioed that the man had a knife, and that there was an “officer in trouble.”

Just a minute later, he radioed to report that he had fired shots and “engaged the suspect.”

Officer Horujko, meanwhile, was humble when asked about his heroism.

“That’s kind of what led me to wanting to become a police officer,” he told The Lantern, Ohio State’s student newspaper, according to CNN. “I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a cubicle.”

Horujko, 28, has been with the campus police since January 2015.

While the incident hadn’t yet been classified as an act of terrorism, several things pointed that way. The BBC reported that “(i)n recent months, federal officials have warned about extremist efforts to recruit people for knife and car attacks, which are seen as easier for home-grown radicals to carry out than bombings.”

NBC also reported that sources say Artan made a Facebook post before the rampage that referenced “lone wolf attacks” and terrorist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, adding that he had reached a “boiling point.”

“America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (community). We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,” the post read.

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