Pizza Restaurant Employee Fired After Writing “Pig” on Cop’s Receipt

Pizza Restaurant Employee Fired After Writing Pig on Cops Receipt

So, you’re working at a pizza restaurant, otherwise known as “opportunity.” You serve a cop, one of your regulars. Do you give him extra attention, make him feel appreciated, show some respect?

Or do you just write “pig” and a couple of not-fit-to-print words on the receipt?

That’s what a genius in Austin, Texas, did on Saturday when one of Austin’s finest came into Southside Flying Pizza for a slice and something to drink, according to KVUE News. Austin police officers have been eating there for years, and the employee quickly learned one of life’s harder lessons.

When the officer posted the receipt to his Facebook account on Saturday, it started a firestorm among people fed up with disrespect for police officers.

Police were angry, citizens were angry, and the restaurant itself was in danger of becoming a focal point of the city’s tension, with two employees reporting having received death threats.

Insults to cops. Death threats in a pizza place. What is the world coming to?

District Manager David Hatley and the Austin Police Department wasted no time in addressing the situation. The employee was promptly fired, but to underscore the sincerity of the pizza chain’s concern, it donated a total of $1,000 to the Police Officers Memorial Foundation, according to KSDK News.

The police department came to Southside Flying Pizza’s defense, saying that “you can’t let one bad egg spoil the bunch.” A mixed metaphor, but point taken. Watch the video here:

“Our officers have eaten there for years,” Keith Casaday, president of the Austin Police Association, told KXAN News. “I don’t think that will stop.”

Going one step farther, the Austin Police Department showed its support for the restaurant by showing up en masse for lunch on Monday. The manager was grateful for their support and thankful that one thoughtless employee couldn’t destroy a relationship built over the years.

And the employee? His or her name hasn’t been revealed.

It’s probably for the best; losing the job and bearing the shame of such thoughtlessness will hopefully be enough to teach a valuable lesson. Whatever your parents can’t teach you, the world will. It’s called growing up.

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