PHOTOS: Man Uncovers Weird Tubes Buried In The Woods… Makes Find Of a LIFETIME


Even with all the modern technology that permeates our daily lives, there are still areas of the world that are largely unexplored and house secrets from different points in history.

Case in point: A group of treasure hunters called “Legenda Club” were using metal detectors in some woods in Latvia when they came across five metal tubes buried in the ground.

Upon opening the tubes, the treasure hunters discovered that they dated back to World War II and were actually saboteur caches for Nazi agents in the country.

The caches included many useful, and deadly, objects, pictures of which are shown below.


Some of the tubes’ contents were predictable, while others were a less expected.

The cache included a gun and a knife — standard equipment for saboteurs even to this day.

gun knife

The tubes also included more blunt instruments of destruction — grenades.


Some of the grenades (or mines) had magnets attached to them, making them easier to conceal by sticking them on the underside of objects.


No kit would be complete without cutting tools and other equipment that could be used to destroy something or create an explosive device.


What is pictured below (on the left) looks like a piece of coal, but it is actually an explosive. This would be thrown into a train and shoveled into the train’s coal furnace by unsuspecting workers.

The train would then blow up and be unusable.


The kit also included enough denotation cord and detonators to keep a saboteur busy for months.


The find of these tubes makes you wonder how many other tubes like this are spread all throughout Europe.

It should worry people as well, because the explosives in these tubes could still potentially be used to cause destruction if found by the wrong people.

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H/T Mad World News