PHOTOS: Man Discovers Secret Tunnel Behind Wall in His Home … Leads to Incredible Discovery


One day in Nevşehir Province, Turkey, a man decided to renovate his home. He ended up discovering an ancient city that extended deep underground.

This incredible find occurred in 1963. The Turkish man had decided it was time to update his living quarters and knocked down a wall of his house. He was surprised to find a secret room behind the wall.

As he explored the secret room, he realized that it was a terminus for an underground tunnel.

As the curious man explored the tunnel, he found that it led to another underground room. From this second room extended another tunnel, to another room and so on. He eventually concluded that he was in a huge underground city.

The warren of rooms and tunnels was so extensive that it went down into the earth for 18 stories, making it the deepest underground city ever found.

Not much is known about this underground city, referred to as Derinkuyu. It appears to have been dug thousands of years ago and can easily house 30,000 people.

But why this city was built and who built it cannot be answered definitively. One theory is that the city existed as a refuge during war or natural disaster. Yet that doesn’t fully explain the complex design of the city as shown in the photos here.


There were spaces not only for living quarters but also for schools and various shops. Some spaces were thought to be used to keep livestock. The city also had wells to provide fresh water and a ventilation system that served as air conditioning (H/T Mad World News).

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The architectural knowledge that was necessary to develop this huge underground city seems beyond anything humans in that area could have accomplished many centuries ago. That has led many people to believe that Derinkuyu was built by extraterrestrials. Yet such a possibility is absurd. Realistically, ancient civilizations were simply more advanced than we previously thought.

Today, Derinkuyu is a tourist attraction. Whether an intricate underground residence for humans with advanced engineering skills or a spaceport for aliens who could not live on the surface of our planet, the reality is that definitive reasons for the existence of this city are still unknown.

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