PHOTOS: Man Compares His Buggy With Another Shopper’s… The Reason Why Has Americans TICKED

Man Compares His Buggy With Another Shoppers The Reason Why Has Americans TICKED

We’ve done plenty of stories about people abusing the welfare system, and most of them are enough to infuriate honest, hard-working Americans. This one is a little bit different in that we have a visual — which is enough to upset anybody.

In a Facebook post, Patrick Gibson shared a photo of something he saw while waiting in line at the grocery store — an amazing discrepancy between his buggy and that of someone using an EBT card.

Gibson’s amount of groceries included diapers and fruit while the other person’s purchase included “full buggies of groceries including such items like steak and some other very nice choices of food.”

Gibson said he wouldn’t have a problem with that “if I didn’t see the person move their big fold of cash out of the way to get to the ebt card and then load them into the back of a brand new Hyundai Genesis,” Gibson added, noting that a Genesis costs about $15,000 more than the car he drives.

“I just thought I would take the time to tell this person/family that you are very welcome from all of us hard working/struggling to buy food Americans that have to foot the bill for your fancy steak feast,” Gibson said.

Gibson also said that he has to skip breakfast and lunch so his wife and children have food to eat “because $50-$75 dollars doesn’t go very far.”

Gibson ended his post with,”So you enjoy your $800 free grocery purchase.”

Take a look (H/T Facebook):


Gibson’s post pretty much sums up how most working Americans feel when they witness such an incredible abuse of the system.

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