PHOTOS: Hilarious Hillary Super Bowl Memes Are Popping Up Everywhere, Dems Will DESPISE Them

Hilarious Hillary Super Bowl Memes Are Popping Up Everywhere Dems Will DESPISE Them

If you stuck around to watch the end of Sunday night’s Super Bowl game, you witnessed an extraordinary comeback and overtime victory by the New England Patriots to once again become the champions of the National Football League.

While most oddsmakers had predicted the game would be pretty close, many were rooting for the Atlanta Falcons to emerge victorious, partially because they are an excellent team, but also due to a political backlash against the Patriots by leftists upset over the relationship between some of the most visible members of the organization and President Donald Trump.

But when the highly touted Falcons watched their 28-3 lead vanish in the fourth quarter, some fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the Patriots’ win and that of Trump in the 2016 election over the highly-favored Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., took to Twitter to remark on a post that gave the Falcons a more than 91 percent chance of winning the game, sarcastically noting, “Where have I seen stats like this before?”

Indeed, the boldly confident predictions of a Falcons win at halftime are remarkably similar to those overly confident predictions that Clinton would win the election in epic fashion.

Instead, Clinton lost the election in epic fashion, blowing a “huge lead” going down the stretch in a similar fashion to the Falcons.

Hillary SB meme 3

Much like Trump did during the finals stretch of the 2016 campaign, the Patriots kept focused on the goal and through fierce drive and determination, exceeded the odds stacked against them to claim victory.

Hillary SB meme 2

As more than a few have pointed out, the massive lead held by the Falcons going into the fourth quarter was thought to be big enough to hold off the hard-charging Patriots, but alas for the Falcons and their supporters, they were utterly stunned at the end when it turned out to be the Patriots who had won the contest that they had assumed was already a win for themselves, just like with Clinton and her supporters.

Hillary SB meme 1

We will now await angry Falcons fans taking to the streets with signs reading “#NotmySuperBowlchamps” or something similar, since that seems to be what the supporters of losing causes do these days, instead of going back and working harder in preparation for trying again the next time.

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