PHOTOS: Fishermen Cast into Russian Waters, Pull Out Bizarre Alien-Like Sea Creature


While many people often look to the skies for signs of alien life, Earth’s own oceans are actually teeming with it. The deepest depths of Earth’s oceans remain largely unexplored, and as a result we have never encountered many of the of creatures living there.

A Russian fisherman has gone viral after he caught numerous “alien-like” creatures while fishing — many of which look just like something out of a Hollywood horror film, the U.K. Express reported.

Roman Fedortsov regularly posts images of the creatures on his Twitter account, to the amazement of his followers.

As a word of caution: We should mention that it is impossible to verify that these creatures are all real. There have been many hoaxes involving mysterious sea creatures before, but as far as we can tell Fedortsov’s images are legitimate.

Many of these creatures look like something from outer space, which is a result of how they have adapted to live in such harsh ocean environments.

RT reported that the characteristic that got people buzzing the most about these strange creatures was their eyes. They are so different from what we are used to seeing that we can’t help but be amazed by them.

Just remember the next time you’re in the ocean for a swim that that thing directly above this sentence shares that ocean with you. Not exactly a comforting thought, is it?

Some of the creatures that Fedortsov posts look quite deadly, but he never seems to get injured dealing with them, The Moscow Times noted.

Humans have only just begun to explore the deepest, darkest parts of our oceans. Ironically, it’s almost easier to go into space than it is to travel to the bottom of the oceans.

Who knows what else we will find down there!

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