PHOTOS: What Archaeologists Just Put on Display Has Bible Believers Saying “I Told You So” to Atheists


In the seventh chapter of Genesis, a flood that covered mountains and destroyed virtually all mankind and most of the earth’s living creatures is described in some detail.

In addition to the biblical account, virtually every culture records this flood in one form or another in myths and legends of various sorts.

And so, some can now argue, does the fossil record.

whale bones

In what the U.K. Daily Mail called “one of the driest regions of the world, receiving just a few inches of rain a year,” the fossilized remains of two now-extinct whale species have recently been put on display.

Whale bones are probably not what one would first expect to see during a tour of the Egyptian Sahara Desert, but there they are.

whale bones

About 93 miles southwest of Cairo, the bones are now available for viewing in an “open air museum.”

whale bones

Of course, you shouldn’t expect the secularists to explain how the presence of the bones in the arid desert point to the accuracy of the biblical flood story. They will, in fact, work long and hard to invent un-provable — and thus, unscientific — theories explaining how they got there.

whale bones

Just as they have had to explain the existence of hip bones in many whale and dolphin species by claiming that these water-dwelling mammals evolved from land-dwelling mammals with legs and feet because it gave them a competitive advantage.

Just as those land-dwelling mammals developed legs and feet because it … er, also gave them a competitive advantage.

whale bones

whale bones

Sure. That makes sense.

Paging Occam. There are some secularists in Egypt in desperate need of a shave.

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