VIDEO: Woman Feels Strange Bump In Belly Button… Doctors Pull Out Disgusting Item

Woman Feels Strange Bump In Belly Button Doctors Pull Out Disgusting Item

Belly buttons are curious things. After birth, they don’t really do much. Some people have “innies” and some have “outies,” but other than that, not much else is said about them. Some people choose to adorn their belly buttons while others simply forget that they even have one.

That is, until, they might feel something hard — like a rock — in it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last month, an unidentified man has a female companion remove something hard from his belly button — and it’s as gross as you might think it is.

The woman used a pair of tweezers to remove the hard substance, which actually has a medical name — a omphalolith.

She described the mass perfectly when she said it was “disgusting.”

A more common term for the thing is a “naval stone” and, believe it or not, they occur far more than they should.

“Navel stones are also known as omphaloiths or umboilths and are masses made up of sebum and keratin deposition that oxidises into a solid, black accretion,” according to the the U.K. Daily Mirror.

According to The Dermatologist, these “stones” have a “direct relationship to personal hygiene.” It has been shown that “omphaloliths occur in people who are neglectful about cleaning, or are unable to clean, their umbilicus regularly.”

Watch the video of the “extraction” below, but please don’t do it while eating:

There is no doubt that the belly button doesn’t get a lot of attention, but now we have plenty of reason why it should.

Clean your naval or you may suffer the same fate as this man — and if you feel something that doesn’t seem right, please go see a doctor before it turns into something life-threatening.

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