PHOTO: Waitress Hunts Down Customer After Seeing the Tip He Left Her


Michelle Mattura is a Minnesota waitress and mother of five who takes care of her children before she works the night shift at Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que.

One night shift, the waitress served a family consisting of a couple and their young daughter. The encounter would be memorable for a number of reasons.

First, the father of the daughter had a facial tattoo. Unusual, and something that most of us might think wouldn’t augur well.

However, when the couple and their child left, they left a hundred dollar bill behind despite the meal costing much less than that.

According to Mattura, the tip constituted a gratuity of almost 75 percent.

“I opened it and there was a hundred in there and instantly, you’re like, ‘Shoot, where are they? I gotta get their change,’” the waitress told reporters.


It was then that another one of the servers at Famous Dave’s told Mattura that the family had left the tip behind for the waitress, who was free to keep it for herself.

“I’ve been serving for 14 years and I’ve never had anything quite like that,” the waitress told reporters.

She began a social media campaign to track down the couple who left her the huge tip. Eventually, a tip led Mattura to Mafia Ink, a tattoo parlor where the man of the family worked.

She was finally able to thank Cory Dee, who humbly accepted the thanks and the attention (H/T Mad World).

In this case, the man with the facial tattoo made the night for a waitress and mother of five. Hats off to Cory Dee, a great man and a better tipper.

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