PHOTO: Trump’s Private Jet Makes Hillary’s Look Like a Toy


Before the two presidential candidates squared off in their final debate of the election season, there was another showdown on the tarmac — and this time it had nothing to do with shady dealings between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaign planes passed each other on the tarmac, and there was certainly no debate as to which one was more impressive.

Clinton’s “Stronger Together” standard Boeing 737  — leased from a Florida company and probably funded by shady campaign contributions — rolled onto the tarmac in Las Vegas at 129 feet long, as opposed to Trump’s privately owned Boeing 757, which is a whopping 155 feet long.

Trump’s plane is equipped with Rolls-Royce engines and can reach speeds of 500 mph, which makes it one of the fastest planes in the world.


This impressive aircraft doesn’t come cheap either — according to, Trump’s Boeing 757 is the eighth most expensive in the world, with a price tag around $100 million.

The two candidates’ planes have crossed paths before, and just last month Trump noted that Clinton had begun to conduct “airplane rallies,” which is something that he had been doing for quite some time.

The impressive nature of Trump’s private jet doesn’t end with its size. State of the art features for the pilot inside the glass cockpit  include “computerized screens which display flight information,” and “feedback loops and ability for self-checking to alert the pilot about problems before they become emergencies,” wrote.

As far as amenities go, Trump’s private jet has plenty, including an entertainment room with a cinema system, private guest room, bedroom and dining room.

Trump has made his money in the private sector, whereas Clinton has made hers via a corrupt life in politics, and the two planes make it abundantly clear who has the background and vision to actually make America great again.

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H/T The Daily Caller