PHOTO: Singer Joy Villa Showed Up to Grammy’s in a “Make America Great Again” Dress

Singer Joy Villa Showed Up to Grammys in a Make America Great Again Dress

If it’s the Grammys, there’s going to be a lot of political statements, and most of them are going to be coming from one side of the political aisle. However, as one singer showed at the 59th annual awards ceremony, conservatism in the entertainment industry isn’t quite dead.

Joy Villa, a singer/songwriter who wasn’t nominated for an award, turned a lot of heads for her dress at Sunday’s Grammys, and it wasn’t because of the designer. Rather, it was because of the message.

The front of her red, white, and blue dress read “Make America Great Again” down the front, and had “Trump” written on the train.

Take a look:

As Breitbart reported, the attire brought Villa a boatload of attacks from liberals on social media, but on her Twitter, Villa was unapologetic. “Go big, or go home,” she wrote. “You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice…”

It was a surprising statement of solidarity with the president on an overwhelmingly liberal night at the Grammys. The Washington Examiner reports that the evening started off with a bit of Trump-referencing, as host James Corden opened the show by rapping, “Wishes came true, we celebrate you, you gotta be thankful that this what you do, live it all up because this is the best, and with President Trump, we don’t know what comes next.”

One hopes it involves less of James Corden rapping.

Then came the stars to deliver their typically ham-fisted remarks about the president. “At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever,” Jennifer Lopez said during her speech. Oh yeah, because when I want trenchant opinions on political science and public policy, I go to “Jenny from the Block.” Then there was Katy Perry’s Planned Parenthood pin.

All of these statements have one thing in common: they’re preaching to the choir. Taking a liberal stance at the Grammys is about as low-stakes as you can get. What Joy Villa did took a lot more guts. We salute her.

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