PHOTO: Massive Bluefin Tuna Sells at Auction for $632,000


A Japanese sushi chain owner, Kiyoshi Kimura, paid an unbelievable 74.2 million yen to acquire a 466-pound bluefin tuna, according to CNBC.

That’s $632,000.

Kimura bought the tuna at the annual New Year auction at the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, and often wins the auction, according to USA Today.

Bluefin tuna is highly sought-after, and it is said that the species may become extinct due to extreme over-fishing.


“The bluefin tuna,” wrote The U.K. Guardian in 2013, “which has been endangered for several years and has the misfortune to be prized by Japanese sushi lovers, has suffered a catastrophic decline in stocks in the northern Pacific Ocean, of more than 96 percent, according to research published on Wednesday.”

“Equally concerning is the fact that about 90 percent of specimens currently fished are young fish that have not yet reproduced,” it continued.

“If current trends continue, the species will soon be functionally extinct in the Pacific, and the frozen bodies held in a few high-security Asian warehouses will be the last gasp the species.”

With fewer and fewer bluefin tuna in the sea, it’s more likely we will see fish bought at such outrageously high prices.

Japanese consumers will have to either restrain their tastes or prepare to be the last generation to taste bluefin tuna brought out of Pacific waters.

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