PHOTO: Man Refuses to Tip Bartender, Leaves This Note Instead… Liberals Are FURIOUS


Thomas Sowell. Milton Friedman. Friedrich Hayek. A random, anonymous guy in a Seattle bar.

You may think that — as a popular taxpayer-supported kids show might say — one of these things is not like the other. However, as it turns out, all four are now relatively well-known conservative economists who make reality-challenged liberals furious.

Seattle is one of several large cities to toss centuries of economic theory out the window and institute a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Apparently, Seattle thought that greedy capitalists would take the hit, although most small businesses and chains have simply passed on their increased costs to the consumer — because that’s what business throughout history have always done.

Here’s where the unnamed Seattle man came into the picture.

He became an overnight sensation when a bartender posted a picture of a card he received in lieu of a tip from the savvy patron:


Bartender Anthony Fetto said he wasn’t angry at the card.

“It didn’t get me mad or anything,” Fetto told reporters. “I was like wow, this is kinda silly, like, y’know, tipping is a choice.”

Yes, it is. And thanks to the economically clueless members of the Seattle City Council, more people are going to choose not to tip in that city.

In fact, they’re likely going to make the choice to not tip in any city where minimum wage requirements require the cost of inflated wages for menial work be passed on to customers.

And it’s not like Seattle restauranteurs are greedy capitalist pigs. One restaurant owner said that the average profit margin on a restaurant in the city is about four percent, meaning with a restaurant that does $700,000 in business, an owner would make only $28,000 a year.

And this is under the old wage rules, where labor made up approximately 36 percent of costs. Under the new plan, the restauranteur estimated labor would make up between 42 and 47 percent of costs (H/T Western Journalism).

The Facebook page “Why I Don’t Tip in Seattle” has over 1,500 likes, although liberals have also invaded the page.

One particular lefty trolled told the guy behind the card, quite simply, to “Stay at home c***.”

Unfortunately, many will, which is why this ordinance is going to hurt precisely those it was intended to help. If only the people of Seattle had gotten this free economics lesson before it was too late.

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