PHOTO: Kid Walks into School, Sent Home Because of “Offensive” Confed Flag Pattern on Hoodie


At least one Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, high school student has been suspended and faced possible expulsion for wearing a hoodie that featured the Confederate flag in its design.

“They basically told me I have to go home, and there is a possibility I may be expelled for wearing my hoodie to school,” the Plum Senior High School student, Noah Leech, told WTAE, adding that he had previously worn the hoodie to class dozens of times without any problems.

Several other students also reportedly wore clothing bearing the Confederate flag, though whether or not they too were suspended remained unclear.

According to Plum school superintendent Timothy Glasspool, the problem was that the Confederate flag was a symbol of “hatred and oppression” — one that “doesn’t belong in our school.”


Leech disagreed.

“A lot of these students think it stands for slavery and racism,” he maintained. “It did fall into that but it really did stand for the Southern states and they wanted their independence.”

Moreover, the Confederate flag represented his family’s heritage to Leech. Listen to his statement below:

Because of the ignorance of echo-chamber logic, however, neither the superintendent nor the school’s students and their parents cared.

“There are quite a few parents who pulled their kids out of school,” parent Robert Williams said, noting that he had done the same with his own kids. “I talked to one parent who is considering transferring his kid out of the school district because he doesn’t feel like his child is safe.”

The school district has since issued a letter to parents informing them only that it intends to “continue to investigate whether the wearing of a specific symbol constitutes harassment directed against one or more individual students because of a student’s race, religion, ethnicity or gender.”

The administration has presumably not yet decided whether to move forward with expelling Leech, who according to reports planned to keep wearing the hoodie.

“I’m sorry that I’ve ever offended anyone about it, but I’m going to continue to wear my hoodie and support what I support,” he said.

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