PHOTO: Internet Can’t Find Girl’s Legs In Group Picture


Social media users have been captivated by optical illusions and other brain teasers, and the latest one taking the internet by storm has been no different.

The photo, submitted to Reddit on Dec. 24, bears the title “Find the middle girls (sic) legs” and shows several girls sitting side-by-side on a couch.

The girl sitting in the middle of the couch, however, seemingly has no legs, and, of course, the internet has melted down with explanations and reasons behind the strange appearance.

At first glance, the middle girl appeared to be cut-off from the waist down — or, as some users suggested, could have been a prop or mannequin.


Those explanations — along with the reasoning given by one Reddit user that the girl was a “couch-centaur” — were unlikely, so the mystery continued.

Finally, one Reddit user by the name of “justonewordforyou” posted a duplicate of the photo, except this time, the lighting and exposure were increased.

In the over-exposed picture, the real explanation became more noticeable, but the helpful Reddit user also attached a photo highlighting each girl’s legs just to be sure.


The new photo showed that the second girl — marked by the yellow highlighter — actually had her legs almost behind the first girl. And, because their jeans were a similar dark color, it was nearly impossible to distinguish them in the original photo.

As for the middle girl whose legs — or lack thereof — have melted down social media, it turned out that she was wearing the light-colored jeans with black boots in the middle of the group.

Now that the great optical mystery of 2016 has been solved (although, it likely doesn’t come close to the great white and gold versus black and blue debacle of 2015), the real question remains: What is the black hooded figure floating between the third and fourth girls’ heads?

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