PHOTO: Hillary’s Childhood Home Exposed… This Is What She Thinks Middle Class Is


If you will recall during the first presidential debate, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton invoked her “working class” father who struggled to provide an average life for his family in their perfectly average “middle class” home.

But based on excerpts from Clinton’s many paid speech transcripts, brought to us via WikiLeaks, we find that Clinton herself has admitted behind closed doors that she feels “far removed” from the middle class — one of many less-than-truthful things we have discovered about her.

Now we have found out that she has been just a bit dishonest about her “middle class” upbringing, specifically the average home she claimed to have grown up in, according to Silence is Consent.

It turns out that Clinton’s “middle class” home was actually located in the rather affluent Park Ridge suburb of Chicago. The brick-sided, two-story, 2,500 square foot home is now valued at about $650,000, according to Zillow, just a tad bit outside the reach of those Americans truly classified as “middle class.”


It is worth noting that, during the 1950’s when Clinton was a child of a “struggling working class family,” the actual average middle class home was only about 1,000 square feet in size, making her childhood home more than two-and-a-half times as big as those lived in by the people she purports to relate with.

And let us not forget the private schools and Ivy League colleges she attended, not particularly known for being accessible to “struggling working class” kids.

If Hillary Clinton was once part of the “middle class,” it was the absolute upper echelons of that class, and she certainly didn’t stay there for long.

This is just further proof of how untrustworthy Hillary Clinton is. She will happily lie about something as innocuous as her childhood home and better-than-average upbringing if she thinks it means another credulous American or three will vote for her.

Don’t be that guy.

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