PHOTO: Grocery Store Receipt Shows How Much “Help” Obama Gives Welfare Users


While working Americans work more hours at lower wages to support themselves financially, there’s one group that doesn’t appear to be concerned about eating well: welfare recipients.

A receipt from a Liberty Kentucky Save-a-Lot store gave us a glimpse into the mysterious finances of an Electronic Benefits Transfer account holder, and it may shock some of you who are living paycheck to paycheck.


Over $5,500 was still available to the user to purchase food.

That’s $3,000 more than The Motley Fool estimated was in the average American’s checking account, and nearly a year of welfare payments, according to a liberal columnist at Forbes Magazine who was attempting to persuade Americans that welfare recipients struggle to get by.

At least in this case, the government hand seems to have taken more out of workers’ pockets than necessary — and no one seems to care. No articles by big city liberals to explain. No corrections from elected officials — as there rarely is whenever someone on the welfare roll is spotted pulling into government housing in a new Lexus.

Perhaps the biggest question was why anyone would have a $5,583.42 balance if he was having such a difficult time feeding themselves.

This is a case not only of government spending run amok, but also of government padding the pockets of criminals who are immorally, and perhaps even illegally, taking a portion of their neighbor’s earnings while earning enough themselves to get by.

It’s hard to entertain the liberal claim of a “Republican myth” that welfare spending is out of control when there are receipts floating around proving individuals are hoarding $5,000 in taxpayer money that’s supposed to go toward the needy.

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