Pet Bird Escapes… Shock Video Shows Awesome Biker Catch It in-Flight With 1 Hand


There are a lot of amazing videos on the internet (as well as more than a few disturbing ones), and some of the best videos are ones involving animals, of course.

A video has circulated the internet recently showing a bright yellow bird being returned to its owner in the most extraordinary way possible, according to a post by LittleThings.

The video was from a motorcycle helmet camera. It showed the motorcyclist riding down the street when he passed by the animal fluttering around. Rather than simply driving by, the biker slowed and stretched out his hand. The bird flew into his hand, and the biker quickly grabbed a hold of it.

A passerby claimed that the bird was his, and after asking him several times if the bird was his, the biker handed it over to the man, who walked away with it, and the motorcyclist drove off. Watch here:

There is, of course, no way for us to verify that the bird did in fact belong to the man in question, just as it is unclear where this video was shot. The biker was speaking English, but the roads and what signs are visible appear European.

It took quite a bit of skill on the part of the biker to be able to catch the bird like that — either that or he got incredibly lucky. In the video, you can hear the biker make a noise of amazement when he successfully grabs the bird in his hand.

Several comments under the video speculate that the man whom the biker gave the bird to wasn’t his owner. The man appeared to simply be walking down the street casually, not looking for a bird.

Regardless of who the bird belongs to (if it even belonged to anyone) it was still an amazing catch!

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