Pastor Robert Jeffress Predicts Christians Will Suffer Less Under Trump Administration


For Christians around the world, the new year will offer new hope.

That was the message from Pastor Robert Jeffress, the evangelistic author and television and radio host, who spent the days before Christmas confidently predicting that the swearing-in of a new president in 2017 will be a game changer for Christians worldwide.

Especially because that new president is dedicated to helping Christians by battling the killers of the Islamic State group.

In a pre-Christmas interview with “Fox & Friends” last week, Jeffress said U.S. policies under the Obama administration had been weakened to the point where the country’s fight against terrorism isn’t being handled with the efficiency it needs.

The heavy security measures churches in the United States and worldwide had to institute in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the “prince of peace” in safety, just proved the point, he said.

“[It] underscores the need to finally deal with ISIS,” Jeffress told “Fox & Friends.”

“I was talking this week to a military official who said we could eradicate ISIS in a matter of months, if not weeks, if it were not for these artificial regulations that we are shackled by,” Jeffress said.

But those days are going to be over soon, Jeffress said.

“The good news is, we have a new commander in chief coming, President Donald Trump, who is resolved the rid the world of ISIS,” Jeffress said. “That’s going to result in the alleviation of suffering of millions of Christians around the world and making our own nation more secure.”

That’s a tall order, of course, but President-elect Trump has already made clear he’s going to take a much harder line against radical Islamic terrorist than the appeasement policies of the Obama administration.

That alone should be enough to give hope to Christians around the world who are being targeted by Islamic radicals for their beliefs.

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