Pastor Needs to Watch His Back After Special Message He Gave to Black Lives Matter


On Wednesday, it was announced that the officer who shot and killed Keith Scott would not be charged with a crime, leading to some scattered protests Charlotte, North Carolina.

Scott’s death almost two months ago sparked a wave of riots in Charlotte and the usual rhetoric from the Black Lives Matter movement — rhetoric that Bishop Wellington Boone said was completely wrong, Fox Newsreported.

Boone is the author of the book “Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say,” and he argued that the black community — not the police — is destroying the black community.

“We’re killing each other. We’re dying, we’re killing them in the womb, we’re killing them when (they) get out of the womb in the ghetto. And we’re acting like we’re more afraid of white policemen than we are of the gangs down in the inner cities,” he stated.

Boone went on to compare gang warfare in America to tribal warfare in Africa — a comparison that is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows on the liberal side.

“Almighty God has ordained that this group of people would be a servant people who would know how to call out the will of God to a nation that really needs God right now,” he explained. “Here we are running to the government when we should be running to God.”

You can watch his full interview here:

After this very impressive tirade, Boone should be extra-careful. The Black Lives Matter folks don’t really like it when a black man comes out and challenges their political narrative.

President-elect Donald Trump has taken a different approach to this problem, blaming failed liberal policies for creating the terrible conditions you see in the inner cities — but he has promised to fix it.

Whatever the cause is, something needs to be done. The conditions in the inner cities are undeniably atrocious, and no American — no human — deserves to live like that.

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