Parents Make Disturbing Find in Teen’s Bedroom… It’d Been There 4 YEARS


When 18-year-old Madison Reed’s mother saw a family friend leaving her daughter’s bedroom last August, she decided she had better investigate.

Looking through her daughter’s belongings, she discovered a small motion-activated camera under some papers. But that was only the beginning.

Bradley McCollum, 48, pleaded guilty this week to burglary and invasion of privacy charges after it was learned that he had been secretly watching Madison for over four years, beginning when the Beaverton, Ore., girl was only 13.

Using cameras hidden in her room and at his beach home, where the Reeds frequently vacationed, McCollum had seen virtually everything the girl had done in private during her teenage years, including, of course, dressing and undressing.

“I don’t like to think about it, but I think about it all the time — like all day. Every day,” Madison McCollum told KGW. “There’s no choice but to think about it.”

“We were looking for every excuse to think it was someone else until we found proof,” Clark Reed, Madison’s father, told the station (H/T Mad World News).

“Our world was upside down,” he added.

McCollum is scheduled to be sentenced in March and is expected to have to serve two years in prison. He will not, however, have to register as a sex offender after completing his sentence, because invasion of privacy is only a misdemeanor in Oregon.

And that may be the biggest crime in this story. This is a man who invaded a teenage girl’s privacy for four years, and all he will suffer for it — besides the loss of the friendship of the Reed family and his own reputation, of course — will probably be two years behind bars.

If that’s the case, this punishment certainly does not fit the crime.

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