Parents Horrified at What Miley Cirus Let Young Fans Touch During “Performance”


The liberal entertainment industry needs to shut its collective mouth when it comes to bashing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for what he said 11 years ago if it doesn’t also say something about what Miley Cyrus encouraged her young fans to do during a recent concert.

Pop Star and former role model Miley Cyrus has lived an adult life ripe with controversy, from her racy outfits to her provocative music videos. The once lovable Hannah Montana has become someone parents want to keep their children away from.

Miley has been very vocal about her gender identity, saying that she is neither man nor woman. She has claimed to be “gender-fluid.”

“I feel very neutral,” she told Variety. “Once I understood my gender more, which was unassigned, then I understood my sexuality more. I was like, ‘Oh — that’s why I don’t feel straight and I don’t feel gay. It’s because I’m not.’”

This concept can be very confusing for some young people who look up to her, because Miley Cyrus — heaven help us — is so influential.

But if you thought statements like that were the extent of Cyrus’ bad influence on American youth, think again.

Her latest stunt, which sparked outrage all over the internet, was to encourage concert attendees to grope her pubic area and rear end. She also kissed numerous fans — male or female — during the performance.

If your stomach is strong enough, you can watch a clip of the performance below (WARNING (obviously): Anyone with any sense will find this video offensive):

Miley just stood there, sticking her pubic area out, for people to touch. At first the crowd wasn’t sure what she wanted them to do, until she arched her back further, letting them grope her.

This wasn’t sexual assault; it was an invitation. An invitation to pick up a disease of some sort, probably, but still an invitation.

This is not OK in any sense. It’s disgusting, borderline pedophiliac (given that we don’t know the ages of any of the concert attendees involved), and most importantly, super hypocritical coming on the heels of Donald Trump’s leaked hot mic recordings.

This video shows photos from the concert and proves that Miley even locked lips with a fan during the show (WARNING: … Oh, you know the deal by now. It’s disgusting.)

And they wonder why so many voters want to Make America Great Again. American culture has come off the rails when this sort of behavior is not only accepted, but lauded.

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