Parents Furious After School Gives Students “Slave Auction” Assignment

Parents Furious After School Gives Students Slave Auction Assignment

Liberals have recently taken to America’s schools in an attempt to convince the next generation of Americans that racism is everywhere, men are somehow all sexist from the moment they are born and that America isn’t an exceptional nation.

Many of these liberal plans have backfired miserably, including an attempt at a New Jersey school where an assignment that had children create slave action posters went horribly wrong, CNN reported.

The walls at South Mountain Elementary School were covered with posters auctioning off slaves, and a few “wanted” posters for runaway slaves, all of which caused a lot of outrage among parents, for good reason.

The school quickly apologized and removed the posters, claiming that it was simply a learning exercise that teachers — members of one of the most politically liberal professions in the United States — didn’t realize would be received so poorly.

“While it was not our intention, we recognize that the example of a slave auction poster, although historically relevant, was culturally insensitive,” John J. Ramos Sr., superintendent of the South Orange-Maplewood School District, said in a statement to CNN. reported that Ramos also tried to justify his actions by claiming that it was an attempt to teach children about America’s ugly past, something he claimed that most schools in America simply “skip over.”

I went to a public school and I learned about the horrors of slavery, but I never needed to draw a slave market poster to make me realize how wrong it was. Education in this country truly is going down the drain.

While most parents were upset about this assignment, a few didn’t seem to mind what the school had made their children do, stating that it was “good” that the children learn about slavery, WABC reported.

Of course children should learn about slavery and what happened. No one is saying they shouldn’t. However, there are better ways to teach about one of the darker chapters in America’s history other than having children draw slave auction posters.

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