Panicked Mom Pulled Over by Cop, Stunned When He Gives Her Money to Help Out


A single mom from Texas was having a rotten morning when a policeman pulled her over for driving with expired tags on her vehicle. To make matters worse, the car wasn’t insured and she didn’t have her driver’s license in her possession at the time.

Needless to say, Amber Zakos had very good reason to be nervous on Thursday when Officer Ortiz asked her to step out of the car.

Zakos explained that because she was a single mom of three, she had a hard time coming up with the money to have her car fixed so it would pass inspection so she could get insurance.

That’s when something amazing happened — the officer let Makos off with a warning. Not only that, he presented her with a little something extra.

Makos explained on her Facebook page that Ortiz handed her an envelop and said, “’This is on behalf of The Montgomery County Sheriffs Dept and myself but you have to open it in front of me.’

“I opened it and it was a Christmas Card that had a $100 in it!” she added.

The mother said she broke down crying and gave the officer “probably the biggest hug he has ever received in his life.”

She added that she had not only escaped $1,000 in citations, but even come out $100 ahead.

What an amazing example of the spirit of Christmas and the season of giving — not to mention an example of the kind of men and women who serve to protect our communities.

It’s been a tough year for our law enforcement officers, who have often been the object of violence and negative media coverage, but this story shows how they continue to do their jobs with kindness and good hearts.

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