Pakistani Airline Workers Sacrifice Goat Next to Plane


A Pakistani airline decided to do something unusual to keep its flights safe, and when you find out what it was, you’ll wonder how they ever managed to make it into the 21st century.

In response to a Pakistan International Airlines plane crash on Dec. 7 that killed 47 passengers, the airline sacrificed a black goat on Sunday at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport before an ATR-42 aircraft took off, reported Pakistan newspaper Dawn.

A photo of the gruesome scene has gone viral, sparking widespread mockery.

“The officials sacrificed a goat yesterday as a gesture of gratitude as the ATR aircraft resumed flight operations,” a PIA official reported said, according to NDTV. The official clarified that the sacrifice was not a management-level decision.

The plane was the first ATR-42 to leave the airport since the Civil Aviation Authority grounded the ATR fleet after the crash.

The spokesman added that other aircraft will remain grounded until they are examined properly and cleared for takeoff. That’s comforting.


The fact that animal sacrifices still occur is astonishing, but goat sacrifices just don’t seem to be the best option for improving airplane safety and maintenance, or to celebrate a return to normal operations.

This is another example of the clash of cultures and religion we will continue to see as more of those who practice Islam move West.

Liberals might have a problem deciding on how to react to this situation. Their brains might explode when they try to reconcile animal rights with an individual’s freedom to celebrate any religion but Christianity.

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H/T AFP via Yahoo News