PAINFUL: O’Reilly Leaves Lib Literally Speechless After Proving Massive Media Bias

PAINFUL OReilly Leaves Lib Literally Speechless After Proving Massive Media Bias

President Donald Trump has been at war with the liberal media for over a year, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Just when you think things can’t escalate, they get even worse.

Trump has called fake news the “enemy of the people,” while emphasizing that he believes in a fair press — so long as that press isn’t running blatant lies about him.

On his segment for Fox News, Bill O’Reilly took on the issue of media bias by asking one of his guests, Democrat political commentator Mary Anne Marsh, to name five conservatives on the five major media networks. After some thought, Marsh named “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson as being a conservative at CBS. O’Reilly acknowledge that Dickerson is somewhat conservative, but pushed back on the idea that he is a “conservative presence.”

For NBC, Marsh named Washington Post journalist Robert Costa. O’Reilly agreed, however he pointed out that Costa was only a contributor, so he was not a true “presence” on the network all the time.

Marsh caused O’Reilly and fellow panelist Katie Pavlich to crack up when she suggested that ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl was the conservative presence at that network.

For both CNN and MSNBC, Marsh couldn’t name any conservative presence (big surprise). With Pavlich’s apparently semi-serious prompting, Marsh did suggest that “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough might be a conservative at MSNBC, which O’Reilly immediately dismissed.

O’Reilly stated that if he asked Marsh the same question about The New York Times, The Washington Post and other such outlets, “you’d stammer and stutter too.”

In less than five minutes, O’Reilly showed that the major networks are indeed liberally biased — even to a liberal. You can watch the clip here:

We’re not demanding that CNN and MSNBC all of a sudden turn into slightly different versions of Fox News, but what Americans do want is for them to at least let conservatives and Republicans have a voice on their networks.

Instead of providing one-sided reporting on some of the most important questions that America has ever faced, these networks should do their journalistic duty and present both sides of the issues.

It isn’t the media’s job to decide what we should believe. They are supposed to give us the facts, and let us decide for ourselves.

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