OWNED: Trump Completely Levels “Weeping” Schumer, Tells Him to “Study the World!”

Trump Completely Levels Weeping Schumer Tells Him to Study the World

President Donald Trump had a few words to say about New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s clearly staged crying over the temporary ban on immigration, and as you might guess, they were powerful.

Trump posted to Twitter that only a fraction of the people traveling into the country were detained. He added that other factors, including Schumer’s histrionic “tears,” contributed to the problems that followed the ban at airports around the country.

Then he offered Schumer and the rest of Democrats crying over the ban some terrific advice: Study the world.

“There is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country,” the president said. “This was a big part of my campaign. Study the world!

Trump has a point here. One who is aware of how things work in the world, as a politician ought to be, should know that the countries on this list (a list created by the Obama administration) have histories that include training, harboring and exporting terrorists.

Liberals should follow Trump’s advice and study the atrocities carried out by militant Islamic terrorists over the past few years. A simple look into what has happened in Europe should give every crying liberal enough of a reason to understand that Trump is trying to make our country safe. However, their hostility for the president extends beyond reason or logic.

Schumer wants to latch onto and exploit the hysteria of the left, and he’s doing a pretty good job of it. But honestly, the public can handle politicians crying fake tears only so much.

At a news conference later Monday, Trump demolished Schumer’s tears even more.

If this is any indication of how Democrats are going to behave in the next four years, they should stock up on tissues — because it doesn’t look as if Trump is going to change.

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