OUTRAGE: Tolerant Hollywood Libs Put Trump Adviser’s Head on Pike (DISTURBING)

Tolerant Hollywood Libs Put Trump Advisers Head on Pike

Democrats have become the embodiment of hypocrisy and hatred.

During the past eight years, they took time to carefully point out how conservatives criticized former President Barack Obama at every opportunity. However, while they love to preach to others about tolerance, unity and “getting along,” they take jabs at conservatives every chance they get.

Suffering a humiliating loss in the presidential election brought out a deeper level of angst and hate from Democrats that was demonstrated earlier this week on the “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” in which Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller’s head appeared on a pike.

The skit showed Miller in a situation where he was about to have his head crushed with a baseball bat in a parody of “The Walking Dead.” It also showed him as a mental patient about to receive electro-shock therapy in a parody of “Stranger Things,” and, last, with his head on a pike from “Game of Thrones.”

This video is a fine example what the Democrat Party has become.

They preach about tolerance, but incite violence when they don’t get their way.

They claim they are the party of unity, but show no signs of working with those who have a different viewpoint from theirs.

One of their chief tools is to blame others for what they do, and as a result they have become the embodiment of what they preach against.

This kind of “humor” is absolutely disgusting, and sadly just what we’ve come to expect from the “tolerant” left. How the Democrat Party has reacted to the result of this election should be enough proof for anyone that it is e a party of hateful, insufferable losers.

Yet, somehow, they are the party of “fairness,” working to bring Americans together.

Yeah, right.

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