OUTRAGE: Obama Lets Iranian Cmdr. Who Killed Americans Walk Free, Despite Promise Not To


President Barack Obama’s administration has for months now shown a great deal of hesitation and some might even say cowardice with regard to taking action against Iran for its litany of violations.

The stakes have been upped even further now, as a top Iranian general reportedly responsible for the deaths of Americans was recently photographed touring the Syrian city of Aleppo in what was a clear violation of the president’s nuclear deal with Iran.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the man sighted was Iranian Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani, and he was not a good guy, to say the least.

He may be seen on the left in the picture below:

The Obama administration’s refusal to take a stand against Soleimani’s continued presence in Syria — he had been sighted there months ago as well, according to the Long War Journal — presented a problem for a number of reasons.

As noted by the Free Beacon, one of them was this: “The absence of consequences for Iran’s behavior has paved the way for (Lebanon-based Shiite group) Hezbollah to stake its own claim in Syria, according to congressional and foreign policy insiders.”

It has also empowered Iran, which has sought to acquire regional hegemony by planting its stakes in the Middle East’s various nations, including Iraq and Syria.

Nevertheless, it appeared that the administration planned to continue letting Iran off the hook.

Speaking Monday at a news briefing, State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted to Soleimani’s presence in Aleppo but stopped short of offering any meaningful action, promising instead to “consult with our partners on the (U.N.) Security Council about how to address our concerns.”

There were also reports from Congress that the president was refusing to enforce the sanctions mandated by his nuclear deal with Iran.

“What does it say about U.S. leadership when a terrorist like Gen. Soleimani — someone with American blood on his hands — can freely travel to the ground zero of genocide in Syria without penalty?” a senior congressional aide asked the Free Beacon.

“President Obama knows his nuclear deal is on thin ice, so he’s willing overlook blatant sanctions violations like this one even if it means more carnage in Aleppo,” the aide added.

This is not to say that Obama has chosen to side with terrorists. However, by placing his shoddy deal above other priorities, he has demonstrated for the umpteenth time that he is far too feckless and misguided to ever be a good commander in chief.

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