Outrage Over ABC Muslim Activist DOUBLES Overnight

Outrage Over ABC Muslim Activist DOUBLES Overnight

While all words have either positive or negative consequences, some words are so vile that the backlash they trigger can easily ruin one’s career.

Enter Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a contributor at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation who, during an appearance on the “Q&A” talk show last week, defended Shariah law by citing the most revolting excuse imaginable.

“My frustration is that people talk about Islam without knowing anything about it, and they’re willing to completely negate any of my rights as a human being, a woman, as a person with agency, simply because they have an idea about what my face is about,” she said during a heated discussion on whether Australia should deport anyone who abides by Shariah law, as reported by the Victoria Herald Sun.

And then she proudly added this: “Excuse me, Islam to me is the most feminist religion, right. We got equal rights well before the Europeans.”

Say what? As was later noted by columnist Rowan Dean in a piece for The Queensland Courier-Mail, Abdel-Magied’s claim was preposterous, as it ignored a litany of fundamental truths about her beloved Shariah law.

For instance, women in Shariah-dominated nations often “have their genitalia mutilated at a young age,” “are not allowed an education and are held captive in their own homes,” “are forced to marry against their will,” “are literally worth only half the value of men” and are stoned to death if they complain of being raped, Dean noted.

Given how insanely wrong and ignorant Abdel-Magied’s proclamation was, it was little wonder that backlash soon threatened to destroy her career.

Specifically, a Change.org petition has been launched demanding that ABC “publicly condemn and fire” the unrepentant contributor for her reprehensible remarks. As of Wednesday morning, this petition had already accumulated over 28,000 signatures.

According to the Special Broadcasting Service, however, ABC has thus far declined to intervene, saying instead in a statement that it stood by Abdel-Magied’s “right to appear on Q&A and share with the wider community her personal views in this capacity.”

Unfortunately, this is typical. Like their European counterparts, Australia has also become inundated with a sick brand of political correctness. And not shockingly, a number of fellow radicals at the The U.K Guardian and Australia’s Women’s Agenda have come out swinging in defense of Abdel-Magied’s claim, arguing that she said nothing wrong.

If this sort of ignorance were not so widespread, perhaps it would not be as distressing, but alas, this disregard of facts and basic decency has spread far and wide.

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