OUTRAGE: These 2 Beauties Look Very Different After Muslim Terrorists Got Finished With Them

These 2 Beauties Look Very Different After Muslim Terrorists Got Finished With Them

Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, two 18 year olds from the United Kingdom, decided to selflessly travel to the African island of Zanzibar to help underprivileged children. However, during their short stay, they learned the painful reality of extremist Islam.

During their stay in the semi-autonomous island off the coast of Tanzania in 2013, both Trup and Gee had acid splashed on them by Islamic terrorists. Now, two men believed to have ties to Boko Haram are finally being brought to justice.

Reports indicate that both Trup and Gee had been observing a strict dress code, especially since it was during Ramadan. The two girls, who are Jewish, were working at a Christian nursery school during their time in the country, and had been told especially to stay away from any piece of clothing that would identify them as being Jewish.


Tragically, none of that mattered.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a stranger on a moped rushed through a crowd of tourists and doused the two young women with acid. They sustained chemical burns on their faces, chests, legs and back, as well as on their hands from trying to wipe it off. Trup even jumped into the sea in an effort to wash off the acid.


These were the effects of the attack.

The two girls were taken to a hospital on the mainland for treatment and then flown back to the U.K. Now, two years after the attack, prominent Tanzanian politician Abdulrahman Kinana announced the arrest of two terrorists in the attack.

Both, he said, are part of “Awakening,” a terrorist group with ties to Boko Haram in Nigeria (H/T Mad World News).

“The photographs I have seen are absolutely horrendous,” Gee’s father Marc told reporters after the attack. “The level of the burns are beyond imagination.”

Thankfully, these two Islamist sickos may finally be brought to justice. It’s little consolation to the families of these two young women, though, who learned firsthand just how disgusting radical Islam can be.

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