OUCH: Kellogg’s Attacks Conservatives, Instantly Hit With BRUTAL JUSTICE All Over Their Facebook Pages


Kellogg’s, the iconic American food manufacturing company that produces everything from candy bars to cereal, announced this week that it would be pulling its advertising from the conservative news website Breitbart.

Speaking with the The Associated Press after the announcement was made, company spokeswoman Kris Charles essentially claimed that Breitbart did not align with its values, thereby suggesting that both its employees and its millions of readers were in some way deplorable.

But by detaching itself from Breitbart and making spurious claims about the site’s values (or lack thereof), the manufacturer inadvertently started a war it may very well lose.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, upon learning of Kellogg’s decision, Breitbart launched a boycott campaign, urging its millions of readers to stop purchasing products from the manufacturer.

And judging by the litany of furious comments that began springing up on Kellogg’s Facebook page, it seemed clear that many of Breitbart’s readers intended to follow through.

Breitbart itself collated some of these comments.

Take a look:

  • “Interesting that Kellogs never perceived hate speech until they were told to perceive hate speech. Now that you have bowed to the Michelle Obama campaign to make everything tasteless and colorless no big loss for most to stop buying.”
  • “I will buy cereal from POST or other brands because you slandered me falsely as a ‘bigot’ and 45 million other readers of Breitbart News Network.”
  • “You can keep your cereal. I won’t buy another box since you are pulling out of Breitbart.”
  • “You no longer share the values of my family therefore I will no longer support you.”

Numerous other similarly minded comments can be seen at Kellogg’s official Facebook page.

Moreover, by Thursday morning, over 120,000 readers had signed a petition promising to “dump” the company’s products from their shelves.

Kellogg’s, as a publicly traded company, is of course free to advertise or not advertise wherever it sees fit — just as Americans are free to eat, for example, Honey Nut Cheerios from General Mills as opposed to, say, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes.

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Source: conservativetribune.com