Oscars Ratings Hit 9-Year-Low

Oscars Ratings Hit 9-Year-Low

Warren Beatty’s and Faye Dunaway’s bestowal of the Best Movie Oscar on the wrong film probably wasn’t the worst thing that happened to the 89th Academy Awards Sunday night.

In fact, that faux pas, along with the gaffe of running the name of a living person during an in-memoriam montage, might turn out to be the least of liberal Hollywood’s worries as reports of viewership show the awards show slipping in popularity.

Deadline reported that the number of viewers was down from last year, at 32.9 million, a 9-year low in the Hollywood love-fest.

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the show was the third-least-watched Oscars ceremony of the 21st century, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Hollywood liberals have alienated themselves from the vast majority of Americans with their politically-charged speeches. Viewers do not want to be lectured about President Donald Trump’s immigration policy or his border wall by people who are affluent enough to live in gated communities and who will not be affected by the negative impact of illegal immigration.

Hollywood elitists need to learn that no one wants to be told what to think or how to feel — especially about politics — by some of the most pampered, out-of-touch people on the face of the earth. Audiences don’t want to be talked down to, period.

Shows like this only turn out to be occasions when wealthy liberals try to outdo each other with their sanctimonious speeches, while the rest of the world chooses to tune out their endless chatter of elitist garbage.

Democrats have an especially difficult time understanding why most people don’t listen to them, because they love to boss everyone around, and unfortunately they are pompous enough to think they know what’s best for the world.

This year’s Oscars ratings indicate that they are wrong.

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