OOPS: Hillary Caught In MASSIVE Lie About Classified Info During Debate


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was caught in another lie during the second presidential debate Sunday evening. There’s nothing unusual about her lying, of course, but this was right out there in front of an audience of millions, and it was a whopper.

As a Washington Post transcript of the debate shows, Clinton explicitly stated that no one else had had access to classified information on her private email server.

“I was privy to lots of material, obviously. As secretary of state I had some of the most important secrets that we possess, such as going after bin Laden,” Clinton said during the town hall-style debate.

“So I am very committed to taking classified information seriously. And, as I said, there is no evidence that any classified information ended up in the wrong hands.

But thanks to testimony from former Clinton aide Justin Cooper, Americans can see right through Clinton’s lie. Cooper admitted last month to the House Oversight Committee that he had access to all information on the server.

During that testimony, Cooper told Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz he had access to the Clinton private server for quite some time.

“After you left the White House early in … when did you leave the White House?” Rep. Chaffetz asked.

“In 2001,” Cooper responded.

“2001, did you ever have a security clearance of any level after that?” Chaffetz followed up.

“No, I do not have a security clearance,” Cooper admitted.

“When you had full access to the whole server the entire time that you were working for the Clintons?”

Cooper made a stunning revelation: “Yes, I had access to the server,” he said.

“And you have no security clearance?” Chaffetz asked.

“I have no security clearance,” Cooper concluded.

Watch the testimony here:

Obviously, Clinton’s statement during the debate does not jibe with what one of her own aides told congressional investigators in a public forum. Someone here isn’t telling the truth, and the chances are very good that it’s the one running for president on the Democrat ticket.

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