Onlookers’ Jaws Drop When MASSIVE Police Presence Turns Up to Greet Trump’s Plane


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump loves our men and women in blue. His Orlando, Florida, stop on Wednesday was a clear indication that they love him right back.

Heroes who put their lives on the line for our safety turned out in force to show their support for Trump, who has the same strong commitment to America.

Following a last-minute announcement that Trump would visit Orlando in a critical swing state campaign, supporters turned out in droves. But they never expected what they saw waiting for Trump’s plane.

Peace officers massed in support of Trump, according to Daily Mail photographer David Martosko. Did you hear this in the biased, liberal media? You did not. Here are the photos:

Florida’s finest were lined up on the tarmac to greet Trump’s plane and show their appreciation for his unwavering support.

Unlike Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind in praise of officers who must make daily split-second, life-or-death decisions in the field.

Donald Trump goes out of his way to respect and appreciate our brave officers across America. As president, Trump has pledged to stand with our police in ridding our communities of vermin who threaten our safety and security.

Hillary Clinton praises thugs who disrespect and disobey law enforcement, and exalts them as martyrs when they lose their lives after pulling weapons on police officers defending themselves and their communities.

Clinton and President Barack Obama also exalt the anti-police Black Lives Matter group that disrupts events promoting peace and stability in our cities.

As they do every day, the Orlando police stood tall and proud in defense of our freedom. Cops on the front lines know that Donald Trump has their backs. Let’s have theirs.

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